Expert-Level Pardot Implementation Without Needing To Be An Expert

Trust us, you can do this. And save thousands of dollars in the process.

We've done hundreds of Pardot (Marketing Cloud Account Engagement) implementations for businesses and have created an easy step-by-step process that now anyone can follow. Pardot consultants and agencies will typically charge anywhere between $3,000 - $9,000+ to do an implementation (we used to charge $4,500).

This course follows the same process we used for our Rotive implementations - only you don't have to go through hours of training and headaches of running into technical issues like we have.

The implementation documentation can be intimidating and difficult to understand, which is why we made screen share videos and included our tips and best practices for optimizing your org for your business.

You don't need to be an expert. We'll walk you through the implementation process.

Here's What You'll Get

Once you purchase, you'll get instant access to all video lessons and email support. Through this course, you will...

  • Sync Pardot to Salesforce

    You'll install the Pardot Lightning App in order to take advantage of Salesforce's latest B2B Marketing features

  • Track Website Visitors

    You'll configure the javascript tracking code and add it your website. You'll be ready to personalize your marketing according to prospect behavior.

  • Increase Email Deliverability

    You'll update your DNS setting so Pardot(Marketing Cloud Account Engagement) is authorized to send emails on your behalf.

  • Get Expert Tips & Advice

    Throughout the course, you'll see tips from our consultants and advice on how to resolve common issues.

  • Increase Productivity

    Learn from our experience and get implemented fast so you can start building your automated campaigns.

Plus Bonus Content

We know setting up Pardot (Marketing Cloud Account Engagement) can be intimidating (and honestly frustrating) if you run into technical issues. That's why we've included bonus content to help you when you get stuck.

  • Common Issues You May Run Into

    This isn't our first rodeo. We've done many implementations and, consequently, have run into a few obstacles here and there. We've included bonus text on the most common issues you may run into and how to fix them in each module, so you can save yourself hours of time and frustration.

  • How To Log a Case With Salesforce Support

    Some issues you can't fix yourself, so it helps to know to quickly and easily log a case with Salesforce support so you can get up and running asap.

  • Email Templates

    If you don't have access to your website or DNS settings, we've created email templates for reaching out to your agency or IT team so they know exactly what to do to get the Pardot (Marketing Cloud Account Engagement) javascript and DNS settings configured

The Course Curriculum

    1. Course Overview

    1. Install the Lightning App

    2. Assign Permission Sets to Your User

    3. Fill Out Company Info and Account Settings

    4. Configure Connector Settings

    5. Set Field-Level Permissions for the B2BMA Integration Profile

    6. Map Custom Fields

    7. Map Lead Fields

    1. Add Pardot Fields And Actions to Lead and Contact Objects

    2. Update Lead and Contact Lightning Record Pages

    3. Update Campaign Layout and Lightning Page

    4. Hide the Pardot Classic App

    1. Import Salesforce Leads and Contacts into Pardot

    1. Set Up Custom Report Types

    1. Set Up Sending Domain

    2. Set Up Tracking Domain

    3. Pardot DNS Changes Email Template

About this course

  • $449.00
  • Pardot Certified Instructor
  • Step-by-Step Tutorials

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Rafi Berman

5 star rating

“Pardot implementation and the interface with Salesforce can be confusing, I got a say Brian and Rotiv are doing an amazing job of putting this all together and explaining very elegantly what are the necessary steps to complete the installation an...”

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“Pardot implementation and the interface with Salesforce can be confusing, I got a say Brian and Rotiv are doing an amazing job of putting this all together and explaining very elegantly what are the necessary steps to complete the installation and also understanding each and every step of the way, So really GREAT course, and Very much recommended! ”

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

If the course doesn't work for you, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to request your money back with no questions asked. We want to make sure you get value for your money and find our product helpful.

Meet Your Instructor

Brian Hays expertly teaches Sales Cloud and Pardot (now Marketing Cloud Account Engagement) to individuals and businesses of all sizes and industries. Since launching Rotive in 2020, he has helped hundreds of businesses automate their processes using Salesforce. He is 7x Salesforce Certified, a Trailhead Ranger, and a tech enthusiast who loves talking about automation and business strategy.

Brian Hays

Salesforce Consultant & Instructor


  • Who is this course for?

    Businesses that have purchased the Growth edition of Pardot (Marketing Cloud Account Engagement) and need to set it up or want to make sure their implementation was done correctly. This course is best for small businesses or companies with minimal Salesforce customization. Businesses with processes far outside the norm. or heavily customized Salesforce orgs would be best served by a consultant.

  • What is NOT included in this course?

    Basic Pardot training is NOT included in this course. This course covers the technical implementation and setup of Pardot (Marketing Cloud Account Engagement). However, you can purchase our DIY Pardot Implementation + Pardot for Beginners Course Bundle to save money and learn how to use Pardot to create automated marketing campaigns.

  • What Pardot (MCAE) edition is recommended?

    Growth Edition. We designed this course to show you how to implement Growth. We don't cover some of the setup that's needed for Plus or Advanced edition. For example, we don't cover how to implement B2B Marketing Analytics or multiple business units.

  • What if I already have Pardot(MCAE) implemented?

    If you've gone through an implementation but want to makes sure it's set up correctly, this course could be helpful. Keep in mind, it's not designed to go through an audit. There are just too many ways a Pardot and Salesforce org can be configured. Hiring a consultant to look through your configuration would be best.

  • How do I buy multiple seats?

    If you work with a team and want more than one person to go through the training, please contact us at We'll get you set up with multiple user/team access.

  • Is training on how to build/run campaigns included?

    No. This course only covers the technical implementation. For training on how to use Pardot(MCAE) and build campaigns, please take our Pardot For Beginners Course or purchase the bundle that includes both.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    Each course comes with 12 months of access to all course information and materials.

  • What if I need additional help?

    Students will be able to reach out to us by email if they run into issues with the course. This course does not, however, include consulting hours. You can also check out our free resources on the Rotive YouTube Channel!

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