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This workshop walks you through how to use Pardot scoring on account records in Salesforce. A Pardot score is an indication of how interested a prospect is in a business. But, it can also be useful to look at the score from an account’s point of view, especially if you’re doing account-based marketing or if a sales team is working on complex sales. We’ll show you how to create two custom fields (total prospect score and average prospect score) and how to build a custom flow to update them as the score changes over time.

Meet Your Instructor

Brian Hays expertly teaches Sales Cloud and Pardot (now Marketing Cloud Account Engagement) to individuals and businesses of all sizes and industries. Since launching Rotive in 2020, he has helped hundreds of businesses automate their processes using Salesforce. He is 7x Salesforce Certified, a Trailhead Ranger, and a tech enthusiast who loves talking about automation and business strategy.

Brian Hays

Salesforce Consultant & Instructor