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    Learn the basics without being overwhelmed with a mountain of information. We designed this Salesforce validation course so you learn only the most important information you need to start creating validation rules.

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    Build Salesforce validation rules with ease - even if you struggle with using technology. We provide step-by-step instructions, best practices, and resources to help you effectively create validation rules for your Salesforce org.

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    Apply best practices to your own business. We're Salesforce certified consultants, and you'll get our expert tips and tricks - plus examples of use-cases we've learned over the years from working with hundreds of clients.

Course Curriculum

    1. Course Introduction

    1. What is a validation rule?

    2. What are functions?

    3. List of Functions Explained

    4. What are operators?

    5. List of Operators Explained

    1. Rule Names

    2. Activation

    3. Descriptions

    4. Error Messages

    5. Syntax

    1. Trailhead & Salesforce Docs

    2. Better Salesforce Formula Editor

    3. ChatGPT

    1. Unmanaged Packages & How to Install

    2. Unmanaged Package Download Links

    3. Lead | Cannot Convert Without Email

    4. Lead | Cannot Convert Without Phone Number

    5. Lead | Cannot Convert Without Lead Source

    6. Opportunity | Add Closed Lost Reason (Picklist)

    7. Opportunity | An Amount Needs to Be Associated to Move Deal to Won

    8. Account | Must Enter Why Type Was Moved From Customer to Former Customer

    1. Sandbox or Developer Org for Testing

    2. How to Create a Testing Environment

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Meet Your Instructors

Brian Hays expertly teaches Sales Cloud and Pardot (now Marketing Cloud Account Engagement) to individuals and businesses of all sizes and industries. Since launching Rotive in 2020, he has helped hundreds of businesses automate their processes using Salesforce. He is 7x Salesforce Certified, a Trailhead Ranger, and a tech enthusiast who loves talking about automation and business strategy.

Brian Hays

Salesforce Consultant & Instructor

Meet Your Instructors

Ben Taylor is a Consultant at Rotive and has 4+ years of Salesforce experience. He holds the Administrator, Sales Cloud Consultant, and Pardot Specialist certifications. After working on many Salesforce implementation projects, he was inspired to start Botji, a website that gives businesses access to implement commonly requested/used enhancements in minutes.

Ben Taylor

Lead Salesforce Consultant


  • Who is this course for?

    This crash course is perfect for beginner Salesforce users who have a basic understanding of the platform and want to effectively create validation rules.

  • Who is this course NOT for?

    This Salesforce reporting course was not constructed for advanced users or students studying for their certifications - while it wouldn't hurt, this course was not designed to help you pass your exams.

  • Do I need anything for this course?

    You'll need a Salesforce org - this can be a paid org, developer org, or even a free Trailhead org. You could take the course without a Salesforce org, but we believe you will get the most benefit from building reports and dashboards along with the instructors.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    Each course comes with 12 months of access to all course information and materials.

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